Monday, June 28, 2010

Ben & Sha wedding@KL

a lovely jew+malay couple's wedding reception in kuala lumpur, malaysia.

message from the bride:

hi dave,
i cannot thank you enough. i managed to sent out emails to friends and families at the very late last night and i have already gotten replies from people who were loving the video. i cannot take any of the credits. i am here passing on a few comments and i am certain to be getting more in the next couple of days. above that, my in-laws are so excited to show the montage to families, friends and business associates. here is some comments from a few emails that i have gotten this morning (will be getting more soon, i am sure):

- my father in-law said that, "it was spectacular"

- my old time proffessor in the university of massachusetts, boston said, "it was beautiful and real"

- my south african friend, "it was so romantic that i cry at seeing the video"

thanks again, dave.


message from the groom:

thank you for an incredible wedding video.

you artfully and beautifully captured the intimacy and romance of the wedding. from sha's initial nervous excitement, her adornment in jewelry, the procession with our uncle exhorting us to smile, to the details of our henna while seated on the pulaimen, the video exquisitely encapsulated those moments. sha is well known for having very expressive facial expressions and you captured them beautifully.

like a magician, you filmed these intimate moments without ever intruding on the event. i do not remember seeing you anywhere close to us during the event (my major concern with having a videographer). in fact, afterwards, i was not sure if you had gotten enough close footage since i barely remembered seeing you.

my guy friends, most who are bachelors and not easily impressed with wedding videos, loved the video and showed it to their friends.

dave, thank you again for an amazing wedding video. you are indeed an artist who wields a video camera.

ben levin